Thursday 23 March 2017 at 05:45 am.

Greg Bloom graduated toward the top of his class with a B.S. Degree from the School of Hospitality Management at Florida International University in 1995. He worked all parts front and back of the house in restaurants in Miami, New York, LA and Vail, CO in the years to follow. He interned at The Plaza Hotel in Osaka, Japan in the summer of 1994 and has carried forward the Japanese standard of professionalism, attention to detail and customer service ever since.

Greg launched and published an entertainment and lifestyle publication called Image Magazine, in Vail in 2000 and relocated it to Denver in 2002 with the Mile High City’s social & music scenes reeling for such a media presence. Greg’s network and the magazine’s popularity grew at a hypnotizing rate, cultivating an array of opportunities, including others’ desire to partner with Greg and the magazine to stimulate their own event concepts. Some would ask for his advice building a brand, as he did so eloquently with Image Magazine. Some needed help finding investors and building marketing and sales strategies for their businesses. Greg was being pulled from all angles to help folks polish their ideas and implement them. It was a no brainer for him to form a company that could capitalize on this demand.

Bloom was formed in 2003 in Denver, CO, because Greg had a realization that there was much to be explored and accomplished with his upward momentum and desire for success than solely printing a magazine each month.

For the most part, Bloom became an event company that produced the most anticipated nightlife fashion events in Colorado at the time, and collaborated with other big event producers and promoters to offer Coloradans the largest holiday themed events in the state. They would take over resort hotels for the holiday weekends, drawing thousands of scenesters, tastemakers, music heads, celebrities and pro athletes.

Because of the reach of the magazine and Greg’s affinity for music and entertainment, Bloom became involved with many facets of music, dance, art, theater, sports, fashion and of course, food! The success of the events didn’t come only from the creativity, top music talent and entertainment value, but also from Greg’s ability to sell advertising in the magazine and sponsorships for the events. More importantly, Greg mastered capitalizing on how powerfully the two worked together.

Image Mag was plump with ad pages and Bloom events were loaded with activations from top brand sponsors such as Diageo, Beam Global, General Motors, Toyota/Scion, Anheuser Busch, MillerCoors, and a host of others. The magazine and the events combined were a huge Denver presence and a seamless brand-marketing machine.

Since relocating to Southern California after 9+ years of publishing and producing events, Bloom’s main focus has become that of connecting brands with opportunities in sports and entertainment events all over the US and other parts of the world, and helping to carry out the activations. Event production and solutions remain a big part of the services Bloom offers as well.

Giving back and working with organizations that give back are passions of Greg’s and inviting such involvement will forever be a part of Bloom’s company culture.